vocal remover

hi, im a very new to any kind of software like this.

i am using mac 10.6.8 audacity 2.0.6 and im pretty sure I now have both the .dmg installer and the zip file. I am having some issues.

it was all perfect before I dont know if I have adjusted something or what but first playing any imported mp3 file back within audacity was ear breaking as it was wavey and echoey almost like a playback speed issue but wasnt,each channel was not producing same measurement on the meter they were slightly off not sure if that mattered. i somehow fixed it by changing a setting to 50 instead of the 100 that was inside the box??? lol i know im sorry, but now my real question is

vocal remover is no longer in the effect menu ? im not sure if I have lost other plugins i have only notice this one. Im thinking i installed it incorrectly and since for some reason you cant uninstall

I am lost!!! any suggestions? and I dragged the audacity icon file in finder window over to applications icon on left of my finder window and dont understand what to do next.

any help would be appreciated,


In case anyone else has the same problem, what was the solution?