Vocal Remover not in "Effects"

I have downloaded and installed Audacity 2.03 (Windows) software program.
In Program Files/Plug-Ins/ the “vocalremover.ny” file is visible.
Why does it not appear with the other Plug-Ins in the “Effects” menu?
What can I do to make it appear in the “Effects” menu? Manual pages refer the following: Accessed by: Effect > Vocal Remover (for center-panned vocals)…

Your Help pages also refer: The current version of Audacity includes a Nyquist plug-in effect to automate the steps involved in Case 1 When I click on Effects>Nyquist Prompt…I get a window with a prompt to type…what?
I have read the Vocal Remover Manual Pages a few times. Am I being dumb? Please help someone who is pulling out his hair in frustration.
Thank you

Audacity does not look for any plug-ins in C:Program FilesPlug-Ins. Plug-ins should be put in C:Program FilesAudacityPlug-Ins.

Also there is no need to do any of that if you obtain Audacity from us ( http://audacityteam.org/download/ . )

Just look underneath the divider in the Effect Menu (at the far bottom of the menu). If vocal remover still is not there, Edit > Preferences, choose “Effects” in the list on the left, then on the right, tick the box “Nyquist” second from the top, click OK and restart Audacity.