vocal removal

2.1.2 windows 7 .exe installed What settings would you use to remove my vocal from this sample.

Record or edit it again?

Most of the instrumental part of the performance is mono as well as the vocal, but not all of the vocal. So most of the vocal management tools remove everything except the guitar and harmonica at 1.6 seconds and then the voice leaks through anyway at 6.8 seconds.

That last one is actually the mystery. Why would the voice be different at 6.8 seconds? It’s either out of Left and Right balance, or it has echo or effects added to one side without the other.

So this is the poster child sound clip for having vocal reduction fail. I did try both the pre-baked tool and the older manual way. No joy.


This is also a good reason to keep the individual instrument and voice tracks around even after you finish the final mix.


which I didn’t, but thanks