Vocal removal

Hi all,

I tried to remove vocals on a mp3 song Audacity 2.1.0 . It does not work at all. Can some body help please.


It doesn’t work on mono songs. If you play your stereo song in Audacity, watch the sound meters — much easier to do in Audacity 2.1.0.

If the two bouncing columns are identical, then that’s the end of the story. Vocal Removal won’t do anything to a mono show, even if it has two tracks.

You can go through the individual steps of splitting, selecting, inverting, canceling, etc, like on that YouTube video but those steps are pre-baked into Vocal Removal, and Vocal Removal gives you some additional tools.


Thanks so much for the reply. Is the sound meter is the meter that bounce on the right side?

Playback is the sound meter on the bottom. If your Audacity doesn’t look a lot like attached, you may need to upgrade to 2.1.0.


If you have two sets of blue waves and the sound meter splits into two obviously different jumping bars, then you have a stereo show. But you can have two blue waves and the sound meters jump in perfect lock-step, that’s actually a mono show carried on two tracks. All of the Vocal Removal tools stop working if you have that.

If you have one line of blue waves you have mono and it doesn’t matter what the sound meters say. Vocal Removal will not work on mono.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 21.58.05.png