Vocal removal creates a scratch-like noise on the track

Hello everyone.
I have removed dubs from an audio file by splitting tracks and inverting. Now the dubs are gone but strange scratch-like sounds has appeared on the track after the process. To remove them, I have tried Noise Removal and Click Removal effects. Also tried to equalize the sound but they don’t disappear. Suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I have removed dubs from an audio file

I’m not sure I follow you. You have a mixed stereo song and you want to remove the vocal? It’s not unusual to get surprises when you do that. If the production added stereo theatrical effects or vocal enhancements to the show, the voice will vanish, but all the effects will get left behind. I have one country song where the lead vocal mostly goes away, but he sounds like he’s singing down a railway tunnel.

Audacity has two different vocal management tools. Vocal Remover and Vocal Reduction and Isolation. If they fail, see if you can find a karaoke version of the show for sale. Most songs don’t vocal remove very well.

People point to YouTube demonstrations where it works perfectly. True, and if you try to vocal remove that exact same song, yours will work, too. What’s wrong is the assumption that it works everywhere always. No, it doesn’t.