Vocal Reduction from a Song


I have the latest version of audacity and run on a Windows 10. I’m not the most familiar with knowledge on how to edit audio in certain ways when needed, and this is an example.

I’ve been running on a tight schedule lately, so the sooner the reply, the better. I’m trying to make a cover + video of a song for somebody by August 30th, and the first step since I can’t play an instrument myself to go along with the song, is use the background of the original song. And for that I need to reduce the vocals of it. I know where the setting is and everything, but it really is difficult to get it to properly work. It seems to just make the entire audio sound like it’s underwater, and it doesn’t take out anything. I had an idea that I could maybe do this, but since there’s a portion at the beginning with the instrumental, since it’s very repetitive, I thought that if there was a similar setting like the Noise Reduction, except the opposite, I could select this area and hope that it would amplify the rest of the instrumental in the song to make it at least a bit better, if that setting even exists. I’m not sure if this made any sense.

But if my backup plan isn’t possible and there isn’t a setting like that, I just need help in general. How can I possibly, SUCCESSFULLY remove the vocals? I absolutely need this to work.

Thank you so much…

In case anyone is able and willing to be of help towards me, bless your soul, the song is Through and through by Khai dreams- The file is too large for me to attach. It would probably be good to check it out and know how it is before suggesting what to do.

You can edit the left & right channels of a stereo recording and there are some “tricks” you can do remove the “center” by subtracting left from right. That removes everything that’s identical and in-phase in the left & right channels. Since lead vocals are usually centered they can usually be reduced or removed.

Otherwise, “You can’t un-fry an egg or un-bake a cake and you can’t un-mix audio.” That’s the whole reason pros do multitrack recording… They can adjust and edit all of the individual instruments & vocals before they are mixed.

I consider vocal removal to be a “novelty effect”. Sometimes it can perfectly remove the “centered” vocals but it also removes any other “centered” lead instruments and it virtually never gives you professional-sounding results.

If it doesn’t work you can look for a Karaoke or MIDI version of the song. (MIDI doesn’t support vocals/lyrics.)

I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don’t understand your first paragraph very well.

And that’s the thing, it is a very unpopular song, so nobody has a karaoke or instrumental version of it I can use.