Vocal Recording Doesn't Start on New Track

Greetings All,

I admit I didn’t scour the forum for answers to this ( I am certain) quite easy issue I am experiencing.

I use an M-Track Plus for interface to my microphone. I laid my instrumental track down, and when I create a second track to record over, the audio from the instrumental track is muted.

Any and all suggestions are most appreciated!!

I have windows 10, and Audacity 2.2.2

  • D

Your question and title don’t match.

There’s a setting which either causes a new track to start under the old track -or- puts the new performances at the end of the old one. And any minute I’m going to find it. You want the setting that stacks them top to bottom.


Shift-R should put the new track under the old one, suitable for overdubbing. You can reverse Shift-R and R as a preference.


You guys are great, I will give that a shot and update you!

  • Drew

Sorry for the delayed reply…the shift R helps with a new track, but for some reason it still starts the recording at the end of the instrumental track.

I really appreciate your help.

  • D