Vocal Recording & Bad hissing

Can someone please tell me how to stop getting a hiss when I am recording my voice…
My equipment -
Mackie ProFX 12v3 Mixer with USB
HP laptop
Shure SM58 Mic plus mic guard
All the correct cables etc
Using headphones out of laptop to listen to it, not got it all plugged into speakers

I plugged the mixer into the laptop using a USB cable, got all the levels correct in Audacity, not going into the amber or red at all…yet when I play it back there is a constant loud hissing sound on the vocal track I recorded.

I did the Noise Removal etc on it, but all that does is lower the volume of the hissing slightly, & also changes the quality of the vocal.

Can someone please help me & tell me how to set it all up so I dont have the hissing on the recording at all? In as simple terms as possible.

Many thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I have the hiss usually, but not always, when I’m editing on my Audacity while my laptop is plugged in, when it’s not plugged but I work from battery it never happens.
But even when I hear the hiss, it is NOT on the actual recording, just in my headphones somehow, perhaps it’s the same with you?
I know nothing, so don’t get mad if what I’m writing is a total gibberish in your case :wink: I hope someone gives you a good tip

Thanks for your reply, the hissing is on the recording unfortunately. Ive tried to use the Noise Reduction etc & it lowers the volume of it, but doesnt get rid of it. It also affects my vocal…