Hi there,

I’m a member of an online club that creates mods and new content for some of the old Lucas Arts Star Wars Games - X Wing, TIE Fighter and so on.

TIE Fighter uses .voc soundblaster files for it’s sound, and being able to export as .voc files would be a very useful feature - I admit for a small group of people, but a very appreciative one!

The game only uses 8bit mono .voc files, and finding ANY editor that can save as those is nigh on impossible…


See the options in the Export dialog > Other uncompressed files



I tried this, but the game I’m using (TIE Fighter) doesn’t seem to like the Audacity .voc files…

they need to be 8bit 11Khz .voc - I’ve got them working using a free verison of GoldWave, but that is limited. Any ideas? I posted it here as it is directly related to the request - let me know if I need to shift it to support. thanks!

Did you select “8-bit” in the options?
Did you set the Project Rate to 11000 Hz?

8bit in the options, yes, but the Project Rate? How do I do that?

NEVERMIND - Found it… :confused:

Thanks for the help!!