VO artist, recording distorted

Help, despite using the tutorials, I cannot get a decent recording using the app. I have tried all the suggestions on tutorials. I am getting an interface machine to assist with the quality. However the sound is lousy, and distortdd.

We can’t do anything with that. There’s not enough question.



Also, please tell us what kind of “vocal” you are recording. Are you singing? Making an audiobook or podcast?

And, what kind of “quality” are you looking for?

You can get nearly professional quality with a good stage or studio microphone and a USB audio interface or with a “studio style” USB microphone (AKA a “podcast mic”) if you have a good-quiet sound absorbing “studio” to record in. …The “studio” is usually the BIG issue with home recording.

I am getting an interface machine

What interface? What microphone are you using?