Visual Studio 2008

I want to compile 2.0.6 to use ASIO4 and I have done this several time in the past. However, this time I had problem with Visual Studio 2008 (the full version). When I tried to open up audacity.sln, VS indicated the new version 2.0.6 was built with a new version of VS and the file could not be opened. Do you have any suggestion? I tried to download the VS 2008 express version, but the this VS was no way to be found.
Your suggestion is greatly appreciated.
PS. I also tried to double click audacity.sln in the win directory directly to no avail.

Audacity is now built with VS2013.

You can download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 with Update 4 for Windows Desktop from
Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux. The new Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 4 (not for commercial enterprise use) should also work. You don’t need a new SDK as the SDK is included.

You’ll need to rebuild wxWidgets and provide Audacity with the appropriate new widgets DLL’s and the new msvcp120.dll/msvcr120.dll redistributables.

Otherwise you can try checking out HEAD from Redirecting to: and open “winaudacity-vs2008_OBSOLETE.sln”. This is unsupported now, but Audacity “might” still build with VS2008 using that solution.



Do you know if it make any difference in VS2013 Express versus Professional?

Also, I’ve been banging my head trying to get Audacity/ASIO built on a Win7/64 system with VS2013 Pro for a few days now and I finally decided to go the
VS2008 route because that is what all the forums and doc’s say I should do, and then I come across this post which basically says I’m wasting my time because
VS2008 may not even work anymore. It would be very nice if someone could update the build docs to show VS2013 support PLEASE!

The specific build info links that I am relying on are:

Neither of these pages mention anything about VS2013, and both make it seem that build success is dependent on using VS2008.


Oh, I guess I should also ask…WHICH version of Audacity supports building with VS2013? I initially checked out HEAD and had some problems so I just
assumed it wasn’t stable yet and went back to version 2.0.6 specifically since it was the last stable release.


Voila! I was able to build the HEAD version (2.1.0-alpha at this moment) using VS2013 Pro without much issue. I think the first time I tried building it I may
have used VS2012. Anyway, lesson learned…for those who may find this thread in the future…do NOT trust the instructions in the Wiki and various sources
online! They are not version specific, and are probably out of date. If you take bits of information from various sources and forum threads and try to cobble
them all together you will probably fail (as I did). Instead, ALWAYS read and follow the instructions in the “compile.txt” file for the specific version you are
trying to build! That should (hopefully) always be up to date.


I’ve updated at the top sufficient that it’s clear the supported solution is to build HEAD with VS 2013. Ed is responsible for his private “hometownband” page.

2.0.6 release should be built with VS2008. 2.0.6 would not build with VS2013 unless you copied across the updated audacity.sln from HEAD.

“Developing on Windows” and the hometownband page came about because non-developers often need more handholding than compile.txt provides. On the other hand, maintaining a more full featured Developing on Windows page for non-developers is not a high priority.


I’m the “Ed” responsible for the private “HometownBand”-located page. As Gale suggests it came about because I was spending a lot of time helping folks get Audacity compiling. These were typically non-programmers who had no clue on how to get the program compiled and who needed very explicit step-by-step directions. I have it in the back of my mind to make a decision – upgrade the page or delete it completely. I will do neither until the release of Audacity 2.1 (which is probably imminent).

Sorry for any inconvenience you experienced in trying to use my suggestions!