Visual problem with Audacity

I have a problem with the audacity program. A few days ago it worked perfectly, but lately it looks different. The problem is that the wave is different and I would like it to be the same as before.
I put a picture of how it looks now.
I use it in a laptop and record from the integrated microphone. Days ago it worked perfectly and suddenly it stopped working as before. I have not touched the settings, in fact, I have factory settings and the same thing happens. I have also tried to delete it and reinstall it but nothing works.

In this photo you can see the problem:

Has the laptop been dropped? It looks like the built-in mic may be broken.

Try making a recording with Windows Voice Recorder (, save the recording, then import it into Audacity. Does that show the same problem?

Maybe unbeknownst to you, an automatic Windows audio-driver update occurred ?.
If the new Windows10 driver-software is incompatible with your laptop, you have to take steps to prevent it being installed automatically, see …