Vista Recording With A Dell Computer

I have a Dell Dimension 9300 purchased in May 07 with Vista home. I play guitar and sing and cannot get vista to record. Dell has replaced my sound card. i have purchased 3 microphones, the last being a Samson from musicans friend for $200.00 It’s USB and was suppose to resolve my issues.

The problem is levels. You must scream into the mic. I did the mic boost all that nothing works.

Is it me?

<<<Samson from musicans friend for $200.00 It’s USB and was suppose to resolve my issues. >>>

That one should have worked. Which mic? This is one of the condenser microphones, right?

Refresh me. Condenser microphones always have a power supply someplace. Batteries, Phantom Power, USB Power, something. If that comes out wrong, you won’t get full volume or it will be noisy.

Can you record any performance at all using the Windows Sound Recorder?

<<<Windows Sound Recorder is a great idea, it’s in the Start → Programs → Accessories → Entertainment>>>

What happens if you change USB connections? What happens if you try the Samson on a different computer?

USB microphones are immune to the Dreaded SoundBlaster Microphone Boost problem, but they can have their own problems.

Just to cover the bases, do you get the red recording lights to peak at -6 or so, but you still can’t hear it?


The Samson C01U has driver software that gives you programmable gain, probably also on other models.

Note also that Audacity does not support ASIO drivers.

All the Samson studio condenser mics should be capable of recording a whisper.

I have a Dell Dimension 4100 Pentium III at 1GHz…I would like to upgrad to something faster. What I am looking for is a bare bones system. I would like to use my hard drive CD and any other hardware that I can use from my Dell Dimension. Can anyone help.