vista previa (press preview) in english y en español

Hi, how are you?
I am new to Audacity, but I’m very happy with his performance so far.
I have an important to continue working with the program I ask.

I need to edit my imported audios, but the problem is that when I give a " press preview" any effect, I only plays a very small sample audio few seconds, and need to know how to change the size of the sample view prior to that I would play in the shows that I need to hear from any of the imported audio.

I hope I hinted correctly
Thank you!

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Hola, qué tal?
Soy nuevo con el Audacity, pero estoy muy contento con su funcionamiento hasta ahora.
Tengo una pregunta importante para poder seguir trabajando con el programa.

Necesito editar mis audios importados, pero el problema es que cuando le doy a “vista previa” en cualquier efecto, sólo me reproduce una muestra muy pequeña de audio, de unos pocos segundos, y necesitaría saber cómo cambiar el tamaño de la muestra de vista previa para que me lo reproduzca en la muestra que yo necesite escuchar de cualquier parte del audio importado.

Espero haberme dado a entender correctamente

Change “length of preview” in Playback Preferences.

Please always tell us what version of Audacity you have (all three numbers) and what version of Mac OS X. See the pink panel at the top of the page.

If you use Audacity 2.1.0 or the current 2.1.1 ( ), Audio Unit, LADSPA or VST plugin effects will let you use real-time preview - just press the Play button and move the effect controls to change the sound while you listen.


Hi Gale!

Ahhh thank you very much !!!
I could find the setting! In my version of Audacity, that setting is not where the manuals say, but -Audacity-preferences-reproduction-

I have version 2.0.5

Thank you very much for your great help!
I could continue working very well!
A greeting

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