Visibly see recording, but no sound

I’ve had a bit of an ordeal. Firstly Audacity crashed so i had to repair my 45 min recording and piece it together, which i successful did last night. I listened front to back and it was fine I am now going through editing small parts etc, saving as i go along, but I am at the final hurdle and parts are appearing where the sound is not coming through. i can visibly see the sound in the track bar, but in a few random spots the sound disappears and returns. Any ideas?

Audacity handles audio data and graphical waveform data separately.
With damaged projects it is possible that the waveform data is intact but audio data may still be missing. If you use “Mix and Render” on a track the waveform graphic will be updated and missing data will appear as visible gaps.

Which version of Audacity are you using (Look in “Help > About Audacity”).
In the event of a crash, Audacity 2.x is usually able to fully recover the audio data (except for data that was being created at the time of the crash), so manual “piecing together” is not normally necessary. Do you have any idea why Audacity crashed? Are you running short of disk space or are you using a damaged storage device?


I’m currently running version 1.2.6. i was afraid of upgrading as i might lose something. i’m trying to piece together a podcast, so after its done i’ll upgrade.

In terms of the loss of sound, it seems to be a very random times like 1.30mins and 8mins over a 45min recording. As i said, i have listened back to the whole 45mins straight with no problems, but it seems missing audio keep appearing???

I have no idea why it crashed, only that it happened when i pressed ‘stop’.

thanks for your help

If you are on Vista or Windows 7, that is a known problem and one of the reasons that the 1.2.x series is obsolete (the 1.x series was written before Vista was invented).

I would suggest that you make a backup copy of the project (use “Save As” and a different project name), then upgrade to Audacity 2.0.2 before any more damage is done to the project. If you have trouble with Audacity 2.0.2 then you will still have the backup copy if you need to go back to Audacity 1.2.6.