Virus checker doesn't want me to download Lame v3.99.3

My McAfee virus checker says that I shouldn’t trust Lame v3.993 for Windows.exe. Using Audacity 2.1.2. Is it safe to disregard the warning?

Only Download LAME according to these instructions: The site we suggest in that link is a safe source. The only reason not to download would be if McAfee thinks this is a phishing attack, which means you may not be on the site that you see in the browser address bar.

In any case we always recommend after downloading the file that you upload it to VirusTotal where you can get over 50 different anti-virus applications to scan it: The scan normally includes two McAfee anti-virus engines.


Thank you very much for the reply and very helpful information. I was successful in bypassing the virus checker and downloaded and installed the plug-in. It works properly.
I also used VirusTotal to check the plug-in. I have bookmarked VirusTotal for future use.

I installed Audacity on my new computer after a hard drive crash on my old computer. I used Audacity for several years and really wanted it back! Thanks again.