Virtual Session Musicans needed

Looking for vocalists and instrumentalists to collaborate on recordings, via the magic and convenience of the internet.
I’m an enthusiast, not a professional musician . . . just for fun, not for profit.

This is my favorite multi-location shoot.

Somewhere in the comments, Josh tells us he did it by locally recording all the voices in each city and each singer sent Josh the video or sound files and he mixed them together at home. They used the internet for coordination, not for sound.

That’s how I shot a multi-city broadcast radio show. I shot the LA branch in Audacity and shipped the sound files to the station. They did production and performance coordination on the electric telephone.


Please note everyone is wearing headphones. You can’t do this Skype style where everyone just talks in the general direction of their computer. A recent post tried that with recording multi-city gameplay and they are now trying to straighten out the echoes in post production.


I plan to do the same as Josh, I’ll post a basic Band in a Box accompaniment track and have folks add vocals and instruments to the the track.
I hope to eventually have a variety of instrumentalists involved, enabling me to then replace the Band in a Box instrumentation with the real instruments.
Interested parties could use the internet to send me their contribution, following which I would import their track, or tracks, into the basic Audacity track for editing and mixing.
Should be fun . . . I hope to hear from you guys and gals.

You won’t hear from me. I don’t play the piano, I play at the piano. Big difference. But I think the show is a grand idea.

Steve’s original handle was “Steve the Fiddle.”


And I can confirm he plays a pretty mean fiddle too - I’ve seen him play with one of his bands a couple of times :slight_smile:


But did he ever do it virtually?

It is of course quite another thing to do it virtually instead of live.
I always loved the moments when my band had the same “flow” at the same time.
Not to mention the feedback waves from the audience when on stage.
Nevertheless, an interesting project. So, if you have use for a plain fingerstyle guitar, I would contribute.

And some musicians have sex on the piano…

Have you already a basic Biab sgu file?
I’d like to give it a listen (although my Biab is somewhat outdated).

have sex on the piano…

Even more difficult to do virtually.

I am a published musician. See here:

…and here:

My virtuosity knows no bounds.


Robert, I’ve sent you a PM with a link to one of the tunes we’re working on, let me know if you’re able to access it.