Vinyl to PC cleanup

I just purchased an *ION USB turntable which came with Audacity 1.2.6. I am using a laptop which has Windows XP Media Center Edition version 2002, SP3; 2 GB RAM; and a 1.73 GHz CPU. I have no problems downloading an LP from the turntable. What I need to know is how to remove all the old pops and clicks that are inherent with LPs. You heard them while the music is playing so you can’t simply silence them without risking losing everything else. If the laptop is a problem (i.e. Media Center Edition), I also have a desktop with XP Pro, Version 2002, SP3, Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, and 1 GB RAM. I have LPS that date back to the early ‘50’s and would like to get them all on CDs, but without the irritating background pops and clicks. Any suggestions?

See this thread of mine:

This is additional software - it is not free, but not expensive either - it does a great job and I think has been well worth the money for me. In the thread Gale Andrews also recommeds a free-trial alternative.

I’ts worth taking the effort to ensure that the playing surfaces are as clean as possible before playing, rather than taking out unnecessary clicks later. A slightly humid atmosphere helps avoid static.