Vinyl to CD project again

I’m just getting started with the transfer of a vinyl collection to CD and have run into my first snag. I made a practice file and burned it to a CD and all seemed to go well. I have two CD players and one of them would not recognize the disc. Any ideas why this might happen? The player that would not recognize the disc is quite old.

Also, is it best to just dump the whole vinyl record into one file or should I make a separate file for each track, and if so, how do I do that?

So far so good, but a new problem has cropped up. I am recording a vinyl record that is about 54 minutes long. At about minute 52, it throws away everything it has recorded so far and starts a new file.

Make sure that you select to make an “Audio” CD with your CD burning program. Some modern CD players may play other kinds of disks, but many players will not.

Export your audio as 44100 Hz, 16 bit stereo WAV - this is the standard for CD’s.

There is a good tutorial about copying vinyl here: