vinyl ripping setup help!

hey, so I want to rip some of my vinyls like many others…anyway i have a few questions…

as it stands i have my technics hooked up with a quality cartridge but i am getting confused with some of the equipment i may need.

as it stands I have a:

sony DA3ES receiver that has phono inputs but i dont know if this is good enough to record flac…also do I need an external soundcard or can I just hook it up directly to my macbook pro’s audio in? i do have a traktor audio 2 but i dont know how i would even use that…please help!

Your entertainment amplifier has Phono-In and Tape-Out, right? Connect the turntable to the Phono-In (remember to connect that little black grounding wire). Connect the amplifier Tape-Out to the Mac with one of these.

It’s the connection with the thin circle and two black arrows.

That appears as Built-In-Input, Stereo in the Audacity device toolbar.

My sister in Schenectaby has an amplifier where the Tape-Out is broken. In that case, I connected the Line-Out.