Vinyl recording

I have made one vinyl to cd recording. It was a stereo record, it worked but the subsequent CD wasn’t real flash in sound. Trying from an old mono Beatles LP, i could only hear one side of the track but not the other, but it wanted to record in stereo no matter what I told it to do. I found that it would only record if plugged into the mike slot, the pink one, in the line in it took nothing!. Changing the spec as required made no difference! In the line in position, it sounded better but wouldn’t record.In the Effects section, I’ve never seen that column highlighted, when does this happen? My one recording was scratchy, with insufficient base.

In no particular order:

The “Mic-In” on most computers is mono and internally puts the one performance channel on both left and right–assuming you’re trying to produce stereo. What you get is two track mono. A computer “Line-In” if you have one, is stereo–two different sound channels.

Most turntables are designed to be plugged into a Phono Preamplifier…

Phono Preamplifier
Two very nice phono preamps in actual use.
Honorable mention to the Hafler HD-101 preamp, no longer made.

These are special amplifiers that make the show louder and straighten out the tone problems (officially the RIAA curve). Bass notes don’t fit in a vinyl groove, so they have to be processed.

If you have an old enough entertainment stereo amplifier, you might have a phono preamp built in. Only in the last bunch of years could you buy an amplifier that didn’t have a phono section.