Vinyl Recording Problem with Channel Axis?

I recently recorded/transferred an old seven inch single from my record player last night, and when you look at the right channel, the wave file is centered around - 0.5. Any idea what would cause this, and how you would fix it?


A faulty sound card could cause that. If not the sound card hardware, then possibly the sound card drivers have a serious bug.
What equipment are you using? (sound card, computer, record player, operating system, version of Audacity …)

You might be right about the sound card hardware; I’ll try re-recording on another computer. The soundcard is a Realtek AC 97, running on XP, with a Technics record player plugged in through the line-in. The Audacity version is the latest.

cheapstuff soundcard hardware

realtek is software
should not be causing this

the card was bad in my pc
may be bad in yours too
looks like a hardware problem

mine kept moving around
if yours is steady
use the dc offset to fix it

Check to see if you still get the right channel off-set if you record (silence) with nothing plugged into the line in (disconnect the lead from the record player end so that the jack plug is still in the computer line in socket). If you still get the off-set, then it is almost certainly either a faulty sound card or faulty sound card drivers. If the off-set disappears when you disconnect the turntable, then it is probably a fault with the record player.

I recorded the silence, and still got the offset. It definitely sounds like a hardware/soundcard problem; I’ll be able to confirm it in a few days when I get access to another computer. Thanks for all the replies!

and it is flat enough so you can use the dc offset to fix it