Vinyl Noise Removal Challenge

I just received a new-to-me, sealed, out-of-print album. Upon opening, I realized the label is severely off-center. About 30 seconds of the last track are pressed onto the label.

I recorded the side, and the audio is coming through, despite the label. But of course, the label itself, especially at the edges, creates noise. So you get the initial pop when the needle hits the label, any noise from the label itself, then another pop when it drops off the label. Any idea how to minimize this label noise?

Windows Audacity 2.3.3

The part where you are “playing” the label is probably impossible to fix. :frowning: You may have to discard the bad track or fade-out early.

For the label-edge pops [u]Repair[/u] may work.

[u]Wave Repair[/u] ($30 USD after free trial) does a very good job on most “bad” clicks & pops. It has several different repair modes and usually one of them will work. But again, I don’t have a lot of hope for the constant noise & distortion where you are playing the label.