vinyl effect plug-ins

mac book pro 10.8.5


there was a " vinyl " plugin where it is and may i install it with Adcty 2.0.5

thanks to let me know

You can use the “VyNil” effect ( ) in the SWH LADSPA plug-ins you already have.

See here for how to install the SWH LADSPA plug-ins: .

Or use iZotope Vinyl VST from . Please see here for how to install VST plug-ins: .



i changed systems so !
i tried to install " izotope vinyl " programmations too complex
so i trashed all but the name izotpe vinyl is still in the menus effect
and i cannot get it out .

thanks for your help

All you should need to do is Audacity > Quit Audacity then launch Audacity again.



no that is the problem it still there in alphabet letter on the menus effect !

What happens if you click that Effect menu item for iZotope Vinyl? If the effect appears then you have not got rid of it.

On Mac, Audacity looks for VST plug-ins in the “Plugins” folder in the Audacity installation folder, and in Users//Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST and /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST .

If preferred, another solution is to open Audacity > Preferences. In the “Effects” section, put a checkmark (tick) in “Rescan VST effects…”, click OK and restart Audacity. You will see the “Install VST Effects” dialogue. If you see iZotope Vinyl in the list in that dialogue, remove the checkmark from it then Audacity will not load it.



no the VST folder is empty !
so re-scan will do nothing .

but still izotope is still in the effect , weird !

i sended a support message to Izitope , maybe there is an un-install procedure .

There are two folders called “VST” where Audacity looks for VST plug-ins, as I described.

You should rescan, I think.

If the rescan finds iZotope in the “Install VST Effects” dialogue, uncheck iZotope, then it will not appear in Audacity.



SHAME ON ME i did the manipulations of the first part of your message
" in Users//Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
and /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST "

but realised just now that you wrote AND /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST "
just did it and problem resolved !

well ! still shame on me it will have been more obvious for me if the second part was
and HD /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST "
since i did not know thoses were thoses too in the HD !

a truth thanks for your help and patience !

Probably I should have made the locations into a list.

Mac has two distinct “Library” folders, the system library (Macintosh HD/Library/) and the user’s Library (Macintosh HD/Users//Library/).

The system library is hidden on most versions of OS X as far as I know, and the user’s library is hidden from OS X 10.7 (Lion) onwards. So you need to access those locations using Go > Go to Folder in Finder, or enable showing hidden files and folders in the Terminal ( ).


very funny you tell me this … it took me a while to discover that there was a library in the HD , i did not see the folder library …so !
i’ m using the machine to make music , but i’m a plain foul for how its working , or what’s inside .

general / maybe on this site , any site by the way it schould be added a degre of knowledge like 3 levels , starting by novice .
like that you can figure out better who is who ! and answear accordingly .

general / schould i translate all my message in french ? not a big deal since i’m french !if it may help !


Generally we expect users to know basic functions of their chosen operating system and to recognise a written out file path. If they do not know, they should contact Apple or Microsoft or whatever or ask on their support forums. So we are only going to write out “baby steps” if it seems necessary. :slight_smile:

It won’t help French users to translate to French on this 2.x Help Forum.

If you prefer, you can post your questions in English and French on the French forum, but there is no guarantee official helpers whose names are in red or green or blue will see your question there.