Vinyl Click-Pop-Background Noise reduction

Hi, Gang!!!

I’ve been trying to “clean” an old vinyl records I have and I’ve been using two of the Audacity tools: Noise reduction and Click/Pop restoration.

Noise reduction works so fine with the general background (stylus/groove friction) noise.

At the other hand, Click/Pop restoration doesn’t work so fine. If we use so high sensitivity parameters, we get a very distorted final audio signal (specially at left and right stereo image sides). If we use so low sensitivity parameters, the clicks and pops survive the “restoration process” without any audible change. It is so hard to find a middle right point, if we find one!!!

So… I wonder if someone could improve that tool (even I know it seems to be a very hard computing issue, because I’ve used Adobe Audition and other expensive software and this is “the” weaky point).

Any idea will be welcome.



There’s a program called “clickrepair” that a lot of us use, see the sticky thread started by waxcylinder above. It’s the only tool I’ve found that comes close to being useful. That said there are limits to what can be done, you have to weigh your time spent fixing pops & clicks vs the cost of getting a CD copy of the recording.