Vinvl to IPod problem.

Projects are recorded in Audacity - Then exported to My Music folder. BUT two files appear in the latter - an .aup file and a .data file. How do I add both (or which one) to IPod Library. Why doesn’t the project appear as ONE file not Two. ?? Thanks (my first query !)

This workflow tutorial shouldhelp you:

This set of tutorials will also be useful:


If you have both the .aup file and the _data folder in your My Music folder you have not done an export you have saved an Audacity project. The .aup file and the _data folder contain the Audacity project information and the audio data in a format that is unique to Audacity and unusable in any other software. These two items must be kept together under the same folder and using those exact names. Do not rename them. Do not move or copy them to somewhere else.

To produce a file that can be played in media players you need to open that project into Audacity again (double click on the .aup file) then do File…Export… and choose either WAV or MP3 format. The “best practice” recommendation is to export first as a WAV file and then a second time as an MP3. In this way you have a high-quality copy (the WAV) that you can go back to at a future date to work on some more if you wish.