Viewing track names

I have some tracks I imported that have long names that get cut off. It would be nice to be able to resize the panel on the left to allow the longer title to be displayed, or improve the renaming UI - the long titles also get cut off there and the popup can’t be resized, making it tedious to rename the tracks. In my case all the tracks have a long prefix that is the same for all of them and I just want to be able to trim that off and leave the bit at the end that individually identifies them, but the popup to rename the track is so tiny that only a small piece of the name can be displayed at once without scrolling along.

You can show the audio track name as overlay on the track. See:

That’s super handy. This isn’t default?


Most Audacity users work with one audio track at a time (named: “Audio Track”), so there is no benefit for them, just the disadvantage that it partially obscures the waveform.