viewing pitch levels of recording

Is there a way of viewing the pitch lvl of a vocie recording? i have tryed the dropdown for pitch(EAC) but with no luck.

Click on “Analyze”, then “plot spectrum”, to get a graph of the frequency (pitch) content of the selected area of the sound sample.

Yes, but.

If the tone is warm, rich in overtones and music quality, the spectrum is going to be complicated. This is one (1) piano note…

I don’t think it’s actually G1. I think it’s the G two octaves down from middle C, but that’s what happens when you analyze a grand piano. You have to figure out which is the main peak, and then go look it up in a frequency versus musical note converter.

It’s not a button press and it can be rough to do.


If there is a sufficiently clear primary tone, then selecting “Change Pitch” from the Effects menu will show the note.