View will not return to default

I am using Windows 7, 32-bit, Audacity 2.0.1. I think it was the .exe installer (how would I know? what’s the difference?) Whenever I switch the view to fit vertically or zoom it is impossible to change back to the normal view. From that point on I can’t go back to the default view. I have tried every button in View and nothing works. It means I’m stuck with the tracks all fitting in the window and I cannot go back to the default view. With the old version of Audacity I would just exit and reopen and it would be the default view again but that does not work with 2.0.1.

Check that you haven’t set automatic “fit vertically” in preferences:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks”

Also, tracks may be resized vertically by clicking on the bottom edge of the track and dragging it to resize it.

I have not set automatic “fit vertically” in preferences. I can reset each track to normal size by dragging it but with a lot of tracks that is a lot of work (every time I open the project that means I have to meticulously drag 15 tracks to normal size). Is there no way to simply go to the default normal size tracks? Thanks so much for your help.

I assume you have now found View > Zoom Normal.

There is no equivalent default vertical zoom, but we could add your vote for that.

If you using the current 2.0.1, drag the tracks to the height you want then save and close the project. The track height will be remembered when you reopen the project.

If you want each track to be minimal height, try View > Collapse All Tracks.


Are you sure you really need to do that? I am working on a soundtrack project which has 49 separate stereo tracks in it. But I work on only three or four of them at a time. The others come either before or after (in terms of the timeline) those that I am currently working on.
I have all 49 tracks minimized and then expand, by dragging, the handful that I am actively working on. Once I have completed work on one of those I minimize it and expand the next one. My working set is always visible on one screen and everything else is minimized. Perhaps this working method might suit you, too.