View audio files in batch mode

Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.3

I’ve been stumped by what I would have expected to be a simple task.

Assuming audio files (say, mp3 or wav) in a single directory (what a “chain” would expect anyway).
In “Edit Chains …”, I’d like to set up this kind of “script”:

  1. Open file

  2. Just view file (No changes. Say, to examine the “looks” of the audio wave)

  3. When done viewing, close the file (say, hit carriage return or something)

  4. View next file (i.e., goto step 1 above)

Please help.
– Alex

Audacity is an editor, not a viewer or player.

Chains applied to files close each project window automatically.

So use File > Import > Audio (all files will come into the same project) or File > Open (all files will be in their own project window).


Hi Gale,

Thank you for the comments and pointers.
“File > Import > Audio” was a perfect substitute for my “batch viewer” expectations.

Thanks everybody involved for a great product.
– Alex