I have a video that I’m trying to get audio from as I’m trying to see if there is a evp in this video my question is how do i do that? every time i have imported it, it’s nothing but white noise PLEASE HELP!!

if this is not allowed on this form let me know I’m new here… :confused:

You can import quite a large number of different sound and video files if you install the FFMpeg software package.

Follow the pathway to the type of machine you have.

However, once you get your sound track into Audacity, I don’t think we can help you. There’s no tool that says: “Go looking for an EVP.”

Maybe someone could program something if you can produce the exact specifications of what you’re looking for.

EVP is in the same league as Subliminal Sounds. The specifications are fuzzy/slippery. We can’t program fuzzy/slippery.


I don’t think any software is going to help you with that. For example, it’s impossible (or almost impossible) for software to know the difference between a piano and a guitar, especially when they are both playing togther. But, it’s fairly easy for a human. The human brain (and imagination) is pretty good at recognizing patterns, so your ears & brain are probably your best tool (and your worst enemy :wink: ).

And assuming the audio is compressed, one of the ways audio compression works is to throw-out stuff you can’t hear. Anything subliminal would likely be removed. And possibly any EVP might be removed, especially if it’s inaudible.

Compression is used with most audio/video formats, and if it wasn’t compressed Audacity would probably open it without FFMPEG.

What should it be?

What would help us to help you would be if you answered the questions about your version of Audacity and Windows. See the pink panel at the top of the page.