Video with poor volumn

i recorded a video the other day. as i played it back the volumn is low and i need it to be louder. how can i do this with Audacity?
i realize that only the audio portion can be corrected, but i would love to have some help in the steps to do this.

The steps in the middle are well known, but I’ll skip to the part that kills most people.

We can produce a nice sound track, but how are you going to get it back into the video? To do that, you need a good competent video editor. Audacity can’t do that.

Good competent video editors generally come with the ability to change the volume of their own sound tracks.

You see? We have a self-limiting production cycle.


it is ok that the video is not there. i am using the sound like a voice over to a scene or snapshot.
how can i get the sound off and amplify?

If all that you want to do is to make the audio louder, you should be able to do that directly in your video editing program without using Audacity at all.

If you want to do additional processing:

Your video editing program may be able to export the audio as a WAV file. If it can then you can import the WAV file into Audacity, Amplify/process it and export it back as another WAV file, then import it back into the video editor.

Alternatively, if you install FFMpeg ( then Audacity may be able to import the audio part of the video file through “File menu > Import > Audio…” (whether Audacity can do this depends on the video format). You can then process as necessary, export as a WAV file, and import the WAV file into your video editing program.

Note the common factor: whatever method you use you will need a video editing program to get the sound back into the video.

Thank you very much, exactly the info I needed.