video screen recorder

Hi All,

I understand this question is off topic and I apologize but I wasn’t sure where else to turn for smart people.

I was wondering if anyone could please suggest any Windows-based screen video recording software?

I’ve played around with Hypercam 2 but the developer never built-in any feature where you could slow down the recording in Hypercam 2.

There’s a slower setting in VLC Media Player but it really doesn’t slow down the recording much in playback.

I tried CamStudio but that project’s been deserted.

Most tablets have a screen recording feature built into the Android OS.

Thank you so much.

[u]FRAPS[/u] seems to be very popular. (I don’t do that kind of thing and I’ve never tried it.)

Supposing you don’t need audio, just video, you could try Licecap. See:

Or you could change the speed of the Hypercam2 video files in Avidemux.