Video From Exhibit Floor

My company exhibited at an industry trade show. We used our handheld video camera and interviewed some people that visited our display. I would like to add these videos to our web site. A couple are from customers and they gave us some good testimonials. My problem is this - The background noise is pretty bad and it makes it hard to hear the person we are interviewing speak. Can Audacity clean up the background noise? We do not have an external mic on the camera.
Thanks for any help

You may be able to achieve some marginal improvement using the Noise Removal effect in Audacity 1.3, and perhaps “pull out” the interviews a little using the Equalizer effect, but the improvement is likely to be minimal. This is not due to any inadequacy in Audacity, you will have the same issue in any software - that type of noise is just near impossible to get rid of as its characteristics are so similar to the sound that you want to keep.

You will probably have noticed that television people use expensive hand held microphones on such occasions - and background noise is still a problem.