Video Editing question

Hey guys, is there an equivalent of Audacity for video editing? Most programs I found are garbage like Windows Movie Maker and such. If you can suggest a free program that’s fairly easy to use and also is good I will greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!

For free you’re probably always going to get the editor they dashed together with just enough hooks and tools to try and get you to buy the higher-end version. What did you not like about Windows Movie Maker? You’re not likely to get dimensional effects like page turn on a free program. Their target is “My Trip To Cote D’azur,” editing out the time I left the camera running on the park bench for twenty minutes.

It gave me a warm glow to find that some of the free video tools I like to use are now available as an extra cost option.

Didn’t there used to be a starter version of Premiere? Premiere SE or something like that? What comes free with video cards these days? Google ‘Amazon Video Cards’.


Nero has a low cos video editor that is pretty good and easy to use. (very low cost if you get one of the slightly older versions)

AVIDemux is good if you are more interested in lossless editing without re-encoding than in thousands of effects: