Video analog to Audacity

I couldn’t find a better place to put this; so my apologies in advance for being somewhat off-topic.

I love the user interface that Audacity has, and I’m wondering if there’s a video editor out there that works with video tracks the same way that Audacity works with audio tracks. If not, what would it take to get one?

I would kill to have Audacity work like a Video Editor. Audacity will not scrub, it does not have absolute time settings, and no In and Out Edit Point keys.

You just haven’t tried to do really fancy editing with Audacity yet. Video editors run into problems almost immediately.

And no, I don’t.


For simplicity and a good number of features I like the video editor that comes with the full version of Nero (commercial non-free).
The full version of Nero is also an excellent CD/DVD burning program. Unfortunately they also bundle several other programs that are less good, but if you are careful with the installer there is an option in the set-up (choose “custom set-up”) to leave out most of the other programs. I don’t think that you can leave out “Nero Scout” but can be easily disabled.