Victrola Navigator and Lenovo laptop trying to record vinyl using USB to audio jack or usb to usb?

I can’t seem to find the right combo.
When i finally used the USB to the Victrola and the jack into my lenovo laptop, i finally got SOMETHING on audacity…it was staticky sound being recorded.
I NEVER see my turntable in the drop down menu.
I am halfway techy and do alot but this is driving me nuts.
I bought it to do this and can’t get all my vinyl onto audacity and then have to burn it.
The stupid “ad” on amazon said it recorded easily but doesn’t anymore.


Plug in your Victrola BEFORE you startup Audacity. Or do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. Then your Recording Device should appear in the Audio Setup Menu.

It may appear by a different name, for example, CODEC.

Also make you your have Microphone permissions: Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support

I tried it but didnt work…not even sure which cord to use.

I have USB to Victrola Navigator “machine” to USB of laptop


USB from Victrola to audio jack and yes I gave permission.

I got nothing with the USB to USB…(data transfer cord)

But with the other, “static” is being recorded.

I did the “transport” thing too…didn’t show my record player/Victrola.

drop down menus are set on:MME, Microphone Array, 2 (Stereo), and Microsoft Sound Mapper
Not sure what other combos to try but been trying them all!

Maybe we’d better start with a picture of your connectors. Just sayin’

I bought something off amazon that shld work…just need rt cords in rt places.

OK - keep us posted.

So I FINALLY saw the turntable in my drop down list and i FINALLY got something recorded. Problem is, it doesn’t sound great…too staticty (spelling wrong)…I USED to be able to hear my music through my “echo dot” bluetooth speaker. It SAYS it is connected but it isn’t happening with my victrola navigator 8 in 1 system all of a sudden.
My husband doesn’t like the sound of the recordings i am FINALLY getting, so am wondering if there’s a way for the bluetooth to be connected in all this…and cords to run from it to laptop or the behringer thingy or what? I have tried multiple things…even having my laptop connected to echo dot, and hoping the sound goes through that somehow but doesn’t make sense. I am fed up with trying and don’t want to send it all back bc this was the main purpose…to record old vinyl and get decent quality.
Any help? THANKS!

So, congratulations!

So at this point, I am going to leave it for someone who has more experience in this area to get involved. Good luck!

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