vibration sound

When playing a cassette tape in my new audacity player there is a very loud (louder than the music) vibration sound. It is a constant pounding sound. Any idea what it is and how can it get rid of the annoying noise? thanks for your help

Are you referring to “Audacity audio editing software”?

Assuming that you are, how are you playing a tape into it? Are you perhaps using a USB cassette player? If so, what make / model is it? (Audacity does not make cassette players).

Is the sound from the cassette player’s headphone jack OK?

Did you try a different tape?

Assuming this is a USB cassette deck, make sure you’ve selected "USB… " as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

in my new audacity player

Audacity is free (open source) software and many hardware manufacturer’s include an Audacity CD with their products. (Usually by the time you receive the disc it’s out-of-date so if you don’t have version 2.1.3, it’s a good idea to [u]download the latest version[/u].)

Oh, I see now that Audacity is the software. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

I get the same vibration sound either through head phones or playing through my computer speakers. I have played about 15 tapes and they all produce the same vibrating, pounding sound

the player is Super USB Cassette Capture, I have it hook up to my computer through a USB cable.

I believe I have 47.1A version. I will download the latest version as you suggested.

I am using Windows 10

thank you for helping me