very wired sound

Hi All,
I have a recording where the voice sounds very wired :astonished: - someone could say robotic. Is there a way to clean something like this

Your help in this is greatly appreciated! :exclamation:



Can we assume the original was somebody playing natural instruments, not electronic music?

I’m going with no. Someone created a very damaged sound file. It could be sampling errors or a marginal sound file that sounded OK to listen to straight, but once compressed into MP3, turned into trash. The obvious error is the gargling, bubbling instruments, but a lesser clue is the snapping that drifts through the piece. That’s pretty deadly.

The video people have a tool to cure this. The “Reshoot FIlter.”


thank you very much for your tipp - I’ll try to find a reshoot filter…
It was a plain speech which was live recorded - hence we didn’t notice anything. I figured till now out that it was indeed most likely a mismatch in the Sampling rate. As a matter of fact I switched now to ol’ Analog recording.

Thank you for your help in this!