Very Weird Import/Open Error

I have the latest version of Audacity (2.1.2) at the time of writing this (used the .exe program), but I got it after the corruption. So, I get the “Use File > Open command to open Audacity Project files” when opening the aup. project file. Is there anyway I can reverse this without messing with the individual audio files or anything? Maybe I can use a Aup. to something else to covert it? It will not under any circumstances let me open this file. I am using File > Open and it does not work at all.

You have an Audacity project that you want to open?

Open the AUP file in NotePad (don’t save anything). We expect it to look a little like this graphic.

That’s been cleaned up a little, but that’s the idea. Did you get that?


As Koz suggested, have a look at the AUP file. You can do that in Notepad or your favourite text editor.

It the file is empty, it’s not recoverable. The AUP file is written last, so perhaps you shut the computer down before the project finished saving. If you leave your mouse still while saving, Audacity will show you in the Status Bar bottom left when it has saved OK.

If the file contains text, please attach the file. Please see How to attach files to forum posts.