Very slow when editing and often crashes

I use audacity to record and edit my podcast. Episodes are 15-30 mins long and have on average 3-5 tracks.

During editing I very often have problems with it being slow and crashing. When I make an action (compress, noise reduction, etc) sometimes it’s ok and sometimes it takes a very long time. It also often freezes and crashes. I would say it crashes at least once every time I use it. Then after crashing it can take several times to reboot the program as it freezes at the loading stage. I’ve resorted to saving constantly and exporting audio files at almost every edit, but this problem can sometimes double the time I need to finish a project. I also make sure that no other programs are running while I’m using audacity.

Any ideas what might be going on?
Windows 10
Audacity v. 3.0.0

Does this also happen in the current 3.1.3-beta? You can download it at