Very low recording volume

Hi! I have been using for several years now, but still semi literate user. 16 months ago, I purchased an HP Envy 20 AIO Desktop with win 8.0 (Since upgraded to 8.1) 8 gb memory, 1 TB HD disk, with the usual HP and WIndows with usual crap from each( oops sorry) all those wonderful stuffs that add to my confusion. (Beats Audio equalizer etc being one of them) Usually I use Windows Media Player although like to try new stuff now and again.

Now my question! Though I do not understand quite a bit of Audacity, I have been able to record my songs, Change the pitch, change speed, export the product of my ineptitude, adjust several features, etc. For the greater part of that time period I was using an HP Laptop slightly above basic I assume : 2 gig mem (maybe 4) and 500 gig HD. All the time with basically no problem doing so.

Now suddenly I have had an eppiffany ( I don’t know how to spell that and don’t see no spell check on this page). Just realized that I have ( and have been experiencing a technical issue in that while recording, I have little to no input volume, especially from mikes, Stereo mix, and virtual streaming etc) It has been that way the entire time I have had the 8.1 PC, several of the Audacity versions, but guess I wasn’t recording as much and when I did, I just went back and used my old laptop and had no problems, and didn’t even realize that the problem was not with an Audacity VERSION, but something on my AIO Desktop, but not my other machines just the new ones. I also seem to have to fiddle with the recording source such as speakers, internal mike, stereo mix, internal mike, or it wont record at all.

Anyone else have or had such a problem. I sure would like to determine the cause and FIXIT!! Would appreciate any good advice I can get on this subject.

Would appreciate it muchly. Awaiting a FIX from someone out there and thanks for reading my plight!

Sincerely jaxtruk

Down with no SOUND

Thank You

Make sure you have Audacity 2.1.0 from

Exactly what is the make and model number of the mic you are using?

Check in Audacity Device Toolbar that you are choosing the input you are recording from. For example if you want to record an external mic, it is no use setting Audacity to record from stereo mix or the internal microphone.

Use Audacity’s Mixer Toolbar (by the mic symbol)

to adjust the recording volume of the device chosen for recording in Device Toolbar.

Open Windows Sound to make sure you have enabled all the audio recording devices you have.


Thanks Gale

Using couple different mikes, as well as internal mike

While most of my issues are with any mike, have some issues when playing file with Win Media Player and others
and attempting to record


Internal mics and also cheap desktop microphones that plug into the computer mic port will have a mic boost. Open Windows Sound, click the Recording tab, right-click over the internal mic, Properties, then look on the “Levels” tab. Repeat by right-clicking over the other mics.

If you have “Beats Audio” all bets are off. There are many bad reports about it. You could buy a USB sound card for about $30. Complain to HP and see if they will fund a USB audio card to keep you quiet. All you will lose is the internal mic and that is a good thing to lose given the typical quality of those.