Very low recording volume

I am using Audacity 2.0.6 and Windows 7 x64 SP1. I am trying to record from a Crosley CR6001A USB turntable. I have 2 problems:

1 - My Crosley software and guide do not cover Windows 7 so I am unable to use the instructions I have since I can’t convert the stated directions to Windows 7.
2 - When I try to change the microphone input in audacity to USB, the option is not available.

Is there a web sight I can go to so that I can download the appropriate Crosley software and guide for Windows 7?

As can be seen in the manual at, the “Crosley CR6001A USB turntable” includes a LINE OUT Jack. If your PC has a LINE IN Jack, connect the two, and Audacity should be able to record from the turntable. If your PC has no LINE IN Jack, connect the two through the USB jack.

What version of Windows are you running? Open Windows Control Panel to check If Windows can “see” the turntable. If Windows can see it, Audacity should see it. You may have to plug-in the UsB turntable first and let Windows find it before starting Audacity.