Very low recorded sound under a certain threshold

When I record a song from internet, I get the wave form only if the recorded sound is loud enough. This ruins all beginnings, endings, subtile parts, etc. Does anybody know how to address the issue?
Btw, working on Windows 8, with Audacity 2.0.5.

Turn of the Windows sound enhancements as described here:

Thanks. I did so. Still not working.
I join an example of what it sounds like: I recorded on Spotify the beginning of Air on a G string, but a good second is not taken.

It’s there but as you say, at a very low level.

Did you check the playback “enhancements” as well as the recording enhancements?

Which host and input source are you recording from in Device Toolbar ? If you are using Stereo Mix or What U Hear, make sure you have the latest audio drivers for Windows 8, made by your computer or motherboard manufacturer. Please see Missing features - Audacity Support .

You can also try choosing Windows WASAPI host and the loopback input. Please see Audacity Manual .


Thanks. I managed to make it work just fine.
I couldn’t find any ticking-box for recording enhancements, only playback.
I was using Stereo Mix, and since my computer is brand new, wouldn’t want to believe the drivers were already out of date.
However, with Windows WASAPI as a host, it works. Finally. No loopback cable.

I’m glad WASAPI loopback is working for you.

Of course the drivers could be out-of-date. Suppose the computer had been sitting on the shelf for a year before you bought it, and the computer maker found a problem with their first audio driver release for Windows 8 and then updated them a couple of months after Windows 8 came out.

If hidden enhancements are not the cause of the stereo mix problem, bad or outdated drivers are one of the few other possible explanations.