Very long time of opening old aup file

I have an .aup file in the older format (with the separate “* data” folder). Its a larger file (3 GB) and was created with an older Audacity version (2.2.2). But if i try to open this file in current Audacity 3.0.4, it takes VERY long time to open - window “importing AUP project files” shows estimated time more than 15 minutes. When opened in the older Audacity version, it’s loaded immediately. How to fix this issue in the current Audacity version? Thanks.

When you load an .aup project into Audacity 3.x.x, the entire project is copied into the new database format (although not saved until you say so). This can take a while. Since your project is so large, you are also going to need a lot of disk (perhaps 10GB). Patience. :wink:

After you save your project in the new format, then exit Audacity, future operations should be much quicker.

If you still can’t get your project loaded and if you care to zip up your xxx.aup project file and the associated xxx_data directory files separately and upload them to a public file server, and post (or PM me) a link, I’ll take a look at it over the weekend.

Thank you. Is it somehow possible to batch convert multiple .aup projects (in the old version) to the new .aup3 version? For example by command line…

Not that I know of. However, you could look into an external program such as autohotkey. Perhaps it can provide the solution. BTW, if you find a workable solution, please post it. I am sure there are others who may be interested. :smiley:

It may be possible to do this via Nyquist + Macros, or via a scripting language such as Python, using the latest version of Audacity
(Audacity 3.1.0 has just been released)

If you wish to pursue this, please start a new topic in this part of the forum: