Very large files. Solutions not clear in previous posts

I am using v3.1.3 on my win 10 PC and I record streams via WASAPI.

I find the produced AUS3 file and also the exported AAC files are about 4 times the size of same files produced in earlier v2.x.x (exact version not known since deleted). As a rough guide my v2.x.x version produced exported AAC files at approx 1Mb per 1 minute of audio which was good enough quality for me and is good size for iTunes on my iPod.

Also for ref, I have just recorded audio stream overnight which produced 9Hrs 42 mins recording giving an aus3 file size of 11.85Gb!!! Trying different quality settings has no effect.

I always use default 44100 sample rate and tried recording at all other ‘record’ settings and exporting at all option settings. A 2 minute recorded audio file always exports to an AAC file about 12 to 14 Mb, even after importing an old v2.x.x recording.