Very Confused Newbie

Audacity 2.0.2 installed from the.exe installer

I used Audacity to record a meeting and it seemed successful. However when I went to play the recording it I find a folder named e00 and inside that are 8 more folders labeld d00 - d07 and inside each of those are 256 .au files that when played are only a few second long?? What have I done and how do I fix it?

See this important page in the manual:


Ok, I see that I should have made an .aup file but I don’t understand how to take those .au files now and turn them in to an .aup file. Sorry for being such a slow learner.



This page explains:

The question was about Disaster Recovery and there doesn’t seem to be anything on that page about that. Koz

Are you sure you did not save an Audacity project? Look at File > Recent Files and click on the .aup file. Or search your computer for the AUP file.

If you don’t have the AUP file you have to sort the AU files into timestamp order, rename them, then use a recovery tool to join the AU files into a WAV file you can reimport into Audacity. This only works perfectly if you have a mono recording and you did not edit it. See here for instructions: .