Very Basic Recording Question

Hello All.
I am new to Audacity, but not new to recording software.
I am sorry to have to ask such a simple question, but I cannot find the answer
in manuals, help, forums - or at least I do not know what terms to search for…

I am making my first recording (a sax track).
I’ve created a Rhythm track (i.e. a click track).
I record a few bars - all is fine BUT
in the playback there is a “THUMP” on beat 1 of every measure (click track is muted). I tried exporting to mp3
but the THUMP is still there.

How do I eliminate this?
Thanks and in future hopefully my questions will not be so trivial. :slight_smile:

Windows 10
Audacity 2.3.3

well…33 views and no one has an idea?
I’m surprised.
I am going to guess that it is the click bleeding from my headphones
into what I thought was a less sensitive mic.

Till later then…

Coz we’re all stumped :confused:

Post one of the thumps. You can post up to 10 seconds of stereo.

Dynamic (Moving Coil) microphones are the only ones with no real overload point. Home condenser microphones will cheerfully overload and cause terrific distortion in the face of a brass instrument.


Thank you all.
And I hope you will accept my apology…
I was wearing a headset when making the recording (I was playing the sax part)
and just this morning I discovered that, in spite of how I set up the various inputs
to my laptop, the microphone on the headset over-rode them all.
So indeed, there was click track bleeding from my ear phones into that mic.
I have since replaced the headset with headphones and all is OK.

I do have another perhaps short answer question, which must be in the manual but I have
yet to find the answer.
Audacity default seems to be to begin new recording at the end of where it was last stopped.
How do I over-ride that?
Perhaps someone can just point me at the correct section of the manual?
I am having a hell of a time trying to punch in, or add new tracks.
This morning I created a click track 70 bars long (hopefully correctly by using "Generate->Rhythm track).
Then when I want to record, it jumps to the end of the 70 bars, no matter what I do…

Again, thanks to all.