Version 4 plugin documentation

There is now some documentation for version 4 plug-ins:
Note that to run version 4 plugins requires Audacity 2.1 (or later).
There have been a number of bug fixes during alpha development, so the earliest version that should be used is Audacity 2.1 alpha December 2nd 2014.

Thanks Steve

I think I’ll wait a bit, since rev 13684 release build gives:

1	error C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht geöffnet werden: "../../images/Effect.h": No such file or directory	C:AudacitysrceffectsEffect.cpp	2079	1	Audacity

Has the system.lsp bug yet been addressed?
Practically none of my plugins run without it.

Yes, that was fixed shortly after it was reported.

That was reported by Gale earlier today. I expect someone will be onto it pretty quick.

There will be no more new features now until the new version of Audacity is released, so we have an opportunity over the next few weeks to check that the new Nyquist plugin features are working correctly.