Version 3.4.1: Two small bugs in the label track behaviour

Hello everyone,

I have noticed two small bugs in the behaviour of the label tracks when using version 3.4.1.

The following two problems only occur if a label track that is located above the label track to be edited is deleted. (e.g. a project contains one audio track and two label tracks and the upper label track is deleted)

  1. if the cursor left or cursor right keys are used when editing a label, the movement of the cursor is not displayed immediately. The cursor remains at its last position. Only when typing a letter or using the Delete or Backspace key does the cursor jump to the intended position.

  2. if the Enter key is pressed after editing a label, the colour of the label does not change immediately from white (editing) to light blue (editing finished). The colour only changes when the mouse is clicked in another area or the mouse pointer is moved over another label.

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Reported to developers here: Label edit mode issues · Issue #5587 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Hello jademan,

Thank you very much!

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